Additional Information

Patchouli Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Pine Essential Oil
The beige base was first made with Kaolin Clay in a slab mould. I added Kaolin Clay to the white base to try to anchor the scent. The based was left to harden for an hour before the Charcoal black layer was poured over it. As this black layer thickened in the mould, I’d used the palate knife to “scoop” to reveal some white base, swirl the top, to create some texture. While waiting for the black layer to thicken, I prepared the Orange layer. The orange color was extracted by steaming Tumeric powder in olive oil and left to cool overnight. When the black layer texture was created the orange batter had thicken too, yet not as thick as the black layer. The orange batter was transferred onto the black layer with a palate knife, more texture were made with the palate knife. Some finer lines on the texture were done with a skinny bamboo skewer. Oil used: Olive Oil 35%, Palm Oil 30%, Coconut Oil 22%, Castor Oil 8%, Sweet Almond Oil 5% Colorant: Kaolin Clay, Activated Charcoal, Tumeric Scent: Essential Oil of Patchouli, Orange and Pine Tool: Palate Knife, Bamboo Skew
Michelle M.