JURIED Dirty Fluid Pour Link-Up

1st: Rainbow Zebra Soap by Elena Childers (Texas)

2nd: Carnivale by Lisa Norris (Australia)

3rd: Mystic Soap by Jamie Reddinger (Pennsylvania)

4th: Dirty Fluid Pour by Holly Shelton (Tennessee)

5th: Dirty Purple by Sonya Mulholland (UK)

6th: Blue in Motion by Maja Zuvela-Aloise (Austria)

7th: Colors of Christmas by Cindy Chandler (Utah)

8th: Chameleon by Marie Nadeau (Canada)

9th: Across the Universe by Marty Johnson (Minnesota)

10th: Jupiter Cleansed by Jane Whipp (Australia)

JURIED Dirty Fluid Pour Soaps Link-Up:

Contest Ended