Juried Soap Dough Link-Up

Top 10 Finalists are listed first, followed by all of the entries:

1st: The Peacock by Linda Irawan (Indonesia)

2nd: In heaven from happiness by Lyubov Evteeva (Russia)

3rd: Elf Baby by Nadezhda Uskova (Russia)

4th: Santorini by Olga Demina (Russia)

5th: My Little Succulents by Teri Endsley (Indiana)

6th: Scarlet Sails by Tanya Mertes (Texas)

7th: Madame Butterfly by Anastasia Krasilnikova (Czech Republic)

8th: Berry Basket by Anna Karaeva (Russia)

9th: Four Seasons Tree by Yulia Leo (Australia)

10th: Aqua-Rose Dragon by Anastasia Nekrouchets (Australia)

Contest Ended

Dought soap