How to Link to Your Entry

Adding a link to your blog post or a social media post is optional, but this is why many members find it important:

1. It’s your opportunity to tell us more information about your entry soaps and how you made them.
2. You can include inspiration and process photos as well as information about other soaps you have made for the challenge that you didn’t enter.
3. It allows the other members to leave encouraging feedback for you about your entry.

Be sure to create your post before you submit your soap, as you will not be able to add a link once the submission is complete.  (You are free to post about your entry anywhere but our private Facebook group.)

Please use any of the four platforms below to create a post with more information about your soap that can be linked to your entry. Any videos that are linked directly to your entry should be 5 minutes or less.  If you use social media, I highly recommend using the captions or album description to write a short story about how you made your soaps. Everyone enjoys a good story! You don’t have to post your recipe if you don’t want to, but definitely talk about what worked and what didn’t when you made your soap. What did you learn from the challenge? Will you make more soap with the technique? These are all great topics that everyone loves to read about!

You will need to be able to copy and paste the exact URL from your post to the entry form.  Watch the video that corresponds to the platform you wish to use to find out how to do this. If you don’t have a platform, or aren’t sure which one to use, I highly recommend using Instagram.




If you don’t have a business page on Facebook, you may post to your personal page as long as the privacy is set to public:


Blog Post