Soap Recipes

Recipes are listed in percentages so you can scale them to your mold size. Plug the numbers into a soap calculator like THIS ONE. Information on how to calculate the amount of soap you’ll need for your mold is found HERE.

Slow Tracing Palm-Free, Vegan Recipe

30% olive oil
30% coconut oil
20% high oleic safflower oil (can sub any light vegetable oil)
12% shea butter (can sub mango butter)
6% cocoa butter (can sub kokum butter)
2% soy wax (fully hydrogenated soy)
4% superfat
31% lye concentration
1/2 tsp sodium lactate per pound of oils added to cooled lye solution
Temps as low as 80-90 degrees – can get glycerin rivers if oven processed!

Slow Tracing Recipe with Lard:

35% olive oil – NOT pomace
30% lard
25% coconut oil
10% refined avocado (or other light oil such as almond, grapeseed, apricot kernel)
5% superfat
33% lye solution (2:1 water to lye)
Temps around 90-100 degrees