Tools and Ingredients Recommended for the Challenges

If you plan to participate in the challenges on a regular basis, these are some tools and ingredients that will be helpful to have on hand. Note that this is a complete, but not exhaustive list, as there may be unique tools or ingredients needed for a specific challenge. They will be announced ahead of time if needed.

Highly recommended:
Loaf mold
Slab/tray style mold
Stick blender
Digital scale
Digital thermometer
Mixing bowls
Spoons, spatulas, whisks
Swirling tools: chopstick or bamboo skewer, hanger tool
Large kitchen knife or wire soap cutter
Inexpensive planer – like this
Inexpensive beveler – vegetable peeler or one like this
Fine mist spray bottle with rubbing alcohol for decreasing soda ash
Freezer paper for lining wood molds
At least one decelerating, non-discoloring fragrance – see the list in the Helpful Tips section
Always wear your safety glasses and gloves!!

Definitely helpful, but not necessary:
Mini Mixer for colorants – battery operated, or electrical
Fancy Beveler/Planer – acrylic, or stainless steel
Lazy susan – like this
Soap dough – make your own, or purchase
Individual cavity molds
Natural soap colorants