Transparent Soap Tutorial

Get the downloadable Transparent Soap tutorial by Aruna Padmanabhan of Suffuse Soaps!  Aruna was the guest teacher for the September 2021 challenge, showing us how to create remeltable transparent soap from scratch.  The recipe is made from oils, lye, solvents, and an optional mild surfactant that is only needed if you have hard water.  Includes full recipe, simple to follow written instructions, video tutorial, plus additional bonus information from members of the Club with tips and tricks, and troubleshooting advice!

This has been the MOST REQUESTED tutorial in the history of the Soap Challenge Club!  You have ONE MONTH to download all of the information for $29.95.  (Aruna receives a portion of every tutorial sale.)

Once paid, make sure you are logged in and look in the Members Only section to see the tutorial.

Transparent Soap Tutorial

Complete Download

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See what our members have to say:

This was the third method for making transparent soap I’ve learned (one was a paid tutorial and recipes). This technique was by far the easiest and quickest. The recipe is also amazing. Well worth being a paid tutorial. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to learn.

Margie Ewing

Thank you so much, Aruna! Your recipe is fantastic! I love the clarity and the feel of it. I’ll treasure this recipe forever.

Yumi Mori

I have loved all of the challenges so far, but this one made my heart sing. I am so pleased with the results. Thank you Aruna and Amy!

Suzanne Rochon

Thank you for your wonderful tutorial. I never imagined I could make transparent soap. I look forward to exploring it more.

Cassie Angle

Thanks to you Aruna, for being able to explain so well how to create transparent soaps, for your fantastic and ingenious recipe and for the continuous support you have given us. I’ve always been afraid of making transparent soap but you made it simple and fun with your method.

Sabina Allegretti

My goodness this was challenging, fun, and exciting!! I’m just amazed that I made this and the recipe wasn’t as intimidating as I thought lol. Thank youuuu Aruna, you are awesome!!

Schelli Collins