What is the Soap Challenge Club?

The vision for the Soap Challenge Club is to create a Members Only space where soapmakers from all over the world, with any level of cold-process soapmaking experience, can come together to be challenged to learn a new technique every month. Best of all, members vote to determine the first, second and third place winners who will all receive prizes from our sponsor(s) that month. The sponsor also chooses one entry to receive their Sponsor’s Choice prize.

These are the requirements to participate:  

1. Register and pay a small fee to gain access to the Members Only area where you’ll find the instructional video, written instructions and other helpful information.
2. Create a soap using the technique of the month after you have registered.
3. Create a blog post (preferred!), video on YouTube, or post a photo on a Facebook business page, Pinterest, or Instagram featuring your challenge soap entry. Be sure to tell the story about how your soap was made. Photos/video of your process are also encouraged but not necessary to enter. Check out this example of a link-up. You can click on each photo to see how the soap was made.
4. Be sure you are able to get your challenge soap posted during the time the link-up is open. This information is available on the current challenge page each month.

Why Join the Soap Challenge Club?

1. Joining the Challenge Club will push you to do things with soap that you had either never dreamed possible or would never have done on your own.

Here’s some feedback I received from a first time participant:

“It’s definitely a great learning experience and it’s so interesting to see all the creativity out there. I’ll definitely keep taking part. It was really fun to push myself to do something new and the next 3 months will push me some more.” -Fran

2. It’s a great way to meet other soapmakers and receive some amazing encouragement and feedback!

grapefruit-ginger150While it’s possible to register for the challenge, see the tutorial, make your soap and remain anonymous by not sharing it, I believe that’s just cheating yourself of the full experience! I understand it feels risky to put your work out there, and sometimes life just gets in the way, but I promise to personally visit each submission and leave encouraging feedback, and a lot of the other members will make comments like these:

“Your soap looks stunning and amazing!”
“Now that is really fantastic!! Really beautiful! Love all the different elements that went together to make this soap!”
“Ahh, what a beautiful soap. I love your idea and colors. Congrats well done”
“What a cute idea! They look great”
“This is so beautiful! You are a true artist.”
“Excellent job! It looks incredible :)”

3. Your creativity and soapmaking talent will grow!

One of my favorite things about seeing so many members return month after month is to see the improvement in their skills! I could call out several people, but I’ll just tell this one story without naming any names. I remember meeting one of our members at the Central Soaper’s Workshop when she was a brand-new soapmaker. In the past year she has participated in every challenge and is even entering her soaps in other contests! Her work just continues to improve and amaze me!

Quote from yet another member: “The challenges are great for making us all better soap makers!”

And that, my soapy friends, is why the Challenge Club exists!

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