What is the Soap Challenge Club?

The Soap Challenge Club is an amazing opportunity for soapmakers who wanted to expand their skills.  Each month a different technique or tutorial is presented and prizes from our sponsors can be earned by those who create outstanding soaps using the technique of that month.  (The Challenge Club will subsidize shipping costs for international prize winners outside the U.S.)  I give out recognition awards as well for outstanding soaps that meet a certain criteria.  Registration is now closed. It will re-open for the November & December challenges on Monday, October 28. See the Current Challenge page for more information.  You may also purchase access to tutorials from past challenges.  Sign up for email notifications about the Soap Challenge Club and check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

What our Members Have to Say:

“I love how excited everyone is to show off their soap and reading about their process. I learn so much each time! I love this club!”
-Whitney Schneider
“I have learnt so much over these past four months, I never would have imagined at the beginning of these challenges that I would be able to create something like this. I am so very grateful to Amy for organising and sharing her knowledge with us. It has been so much fun!!”
-Clare Norman
“What I love about the challenges is that they make me take just a step further than I normally would go. I learned so much in the past few months, I did things I normally wouldn’t think of, and now I wouldn’t go back.”
-Angelique Heiligers
“I absolutely love the guided discovery approach and the fact that in addition to receiving outstanding tutorials and tips, I have the opportunity to communicate and exchange the knowledge with the most amazing and talented community of soap makers.”
-Irina Beketova