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Registration Now Open until Monday, June 12 at 2pm CDT!

Register for June only for $14.95 or June through August for $40.50.  First time members, start by creating an account.  Returning members can log in to purchase.  Once paid, just look inside the Members Only section for immediate access to the tutorial!

June Challenge

Watermelon Theme Soaps

by Amy Warden

July Challenge

Swing Swirl

guest teachers Rion & Savannah Brandt

August Challenge

Luna Swirl

guest teacher Christina Greenwood

Join the Club!

The Soap Challenge Club is an amazing opportunity for soapmakers who want to expand their skills.  Each month a different technique or tutorial is presented and prizes from our sponsors can be earned by those who create outstanding soaps using the technique of that month.  (The Challenge Club will subsidize shipping costs for international prize winners outside the U.S.)  Current paid members have the opportunity to vote for the top 3 winners in each category, and I give out recognition awards as well for outstanding soaps that meet a certain criteria.  For more information, see the Upcoming Challenges page.

P.S. If you prefer to learn at your own pace instead of joining the Club, dozens of tutorials from past challenges are available in our Tutorial Shop!

Learn New Techniques

Whether you are brand new to cold-process soapmaking, or you have been making it for many years, the challenges will expand your skills exponentially!

Win Fabulous Prizes

Every challenge is sponsored by a soap supply vendor who provides amazing prizes for the winners in each competitive category, and a Sponsor’s Choice prize for the bonus category.

Meet Other Soapmakers

Not feeling competitive? Join the challenges for the camaraderie!  We have our own private Facebook group for our members only where you can interact with others from all over the world, and a non-competitive category where you can show off your work!

May - Combing Techniques

Winners Category by Tiziana Cherubini

May - Combing Techniques

Advanced Category by Mary Hansen

May - Combing Techniques

Regular Category by Annalise Bennett

April - Circling Taiwan Swirl

Winners Category by Sayani Biswas

April - Circling Taiwan Swirl

Advanced Category by Yumi Mori

April - Circling Taiwan Swirl

Regular Category by Rachel Havener

March - Soap Top Designs

Winners Category by Lisa Cunningham

March - Soap Top Designs

Advanced Category by Mandy Welch

March - Soap Top Designs

Regular Category by Georgina Jones

February - Coloring Soap Naturally

Winners Category by Angelique Heiligers

February - Coloring Soap Naturally

Advanced Category by Katharina Hutterer

February - Coloring Soap Naturally

Regular Category by Pav Beranek

Winners Announcements 2023

The dates are linked to the corresponding announcements. Tutorials from these challenges are available for purchase HERE.

May 2023 – Combing Techniques

April 2023 – Circling Taiwan Swirl

March 2023 – Soap Top Designs

February 2023– Coloring Soap Naturally

January 2023 – Dustpan Designs



More Winners Announcements

The dates are linked to the corresponding announcements. Tutorials from these challenges are available for purchase HERE.

December 2022 – Crazy Layers

November 2022 – Splash Swirl

October 2022 – Cowboys vs. Aliens

September 2022 – Buffalo Plaid

August 2022 – Modified Peacock Swirls

July 2022 – Ruffles

June 2022 – Wood Grain

May 2022 – Oasis Swirls

April 2022 – Sculpted Layers

March 2022 – Porcelain Designs

February 2022 – Soap Dough Embeds

January 2022 – Hanger Swirls

December 2021 – Back to Basics

November 2021 – Mantra Swirls

October 2021 – Recycling Soap Scraps

September 2021 – Transparent Soap

August 2021 – Sqwiggle Pour

July 2021 – Abstract Art Designs

June 2021 – Hybrid Stained Glass

May 2021 – Column Pour

April 2021 – Polka Dots

March 2021 – Alice vs. Charlie

February 2021 – Kiss Pour

January 2021 – Salt/Geode Crystal Soaps

December 2020 – Lollipop Swirls

November 2020 – Mosaic Soaps

October 2020 – Ghost Swirls

September 2020 – Ultra-Thin Swirls

August 2020 – Layers with Drop Swirls

July 2020 – Natural Stone Techniques

June 2020 – One Pot Wonder

April 2020 – Tall & Skinny Shimmy

March 2020 – Clam Shell Technique

February 2020 – Collaborator Challenge

January 2020 – Landscape Designs

December 2019 – Black Tie Affair

November 2019 – Soap Curl Design

October 2019 – Slanted Layers

September 2019 – Pipe Divider Swirl

August 2019 – Brush Embroidery

July 2019 – Pointy Layers

June 2019 – Food & Drink Ingredients

May 2019 – Pour/Pull Through Techniques

April 2019 – Mirror Glaze Designs

March 2019 – Inlaid Designs

February 2019 – Glycerin River Designs

January 2019 – Bas Relief/Counter Relief

December 2018 – In-the-Pot Swirls

November 2018 – Thin Line Designs

October 2018 – To Comb or Not to Comb

September 2018 – Mini Drop Swirls


About Amy Warden


I created this place for soapmakers to learn new techniques, hone their skills, meet other soapmakers, and win amazing prizes and mostly because I knew it would be FUN!

I made my first batch of cold process soap on November 18, 2002, as Christmas gifts for my friends, and I’ve been making soap ever since!  I’ve been hosting monthly soap challenges since 2013, and I’m passionate about encouraging soapmakers of all skill levels to become even better at their craft.  I hope you’ll join this fantastic community of soapmakers from all over the world!

“The Soap Challenge Club has played a huge role in my growth as an artistic soapmaker. I learned so many fun techniques in the club that I probably never would have attempted on my own, and every month I am inspired to step out of my comfort zone and get creative!”

Amy Bautista

Elysian Acres Soap, USA

“What I love about the challenges is that they make me take just a step further than I normally would go. I learned so much in the past few months, I did things I normally wouldn’t think of, and now I wouldn’t go back.”

Angelique Heiligers

YouTube, Switzerland

“I have learnt so much over these past four months, I never would have imagined at the beginning of these challenges that I would be able to create something like this. I am so very grateful to Amy for organising and sharing her knowledge with us. It has been so much fun!!”

Clare Norman

Soda and Ash, Australia

“I absolutely love the guided discovery approach and the fact that in addition to receiving outstanding tutorials and tips, I have the opportunity to communicate and exchange the knowledge with the most amazing and talented community of soap makers.”

Irina Beketova

IB Organics, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Can I participate if I'm not in the United States?

Absolutely!  Everything we do is online, so any soapmaker from anywhere in the world is able to participate.  (All tutorials are in English. You may be able to translate the written portions, but not the videos.)

How much does it cost to participate?

If you register for one month at a time, it is $14.95 per month.  This includes the tutorial that you get to download and keep, the ability to enter your soap and be eligible to win prizes from our sponsor, vote for the winners, and join our private Facebook group.  There may be discounted prices for registering for more than one month at a time.

Do I have to submit an entry?

I leave that up to each member to decide whether they want to submit an entry or not, but it is highly encouraged!  It’s the only way to get feedback from the other members, plus the deadline pushes you to create and enjoy the learning process with everyone else. 

How much time do I have to create my entry?

Anywhere from 2-3 weeks.  If you register for the challenge on the first day and get started right away, you’ll have a full 3 weeks.  If you register on the last day, you’ll still have 2 weeks.

Do I need to submit a bar of my soap to be judged?

Not at all!  Entries are submitted via photo.  You’ll find tips for your photography and presentation skills that will help you present your soap in the best way possible.  

How is the material presented?

The tutorial includes both written and video instructions.  There are specific guidelines included that must be met for your soap to be entered in the challenge.  Soon after registration closes, I will do a live video in our private Facebook group to answer questions and go over the guidelines. You can ask questions in the Facebook group throughout the challenge as needed.

Can beginners do the challenges?

Definitely! We’ve had members who are brand new to soapmaking join the challenges. It’s a great way to accelerate the learning curve – especially with the support of the members in our private Facebook group! We’re a very supportive and encouraging community.

Who can vote for the winners?

Only those who have registered for the challenge are able to vote for the winners.  They are the ones who have seen the tutorial and know what the technique should look like.

What if I only make melt & pour soap?

The challenges are made for cold process soapmakers only at this time since this is my area of expertise.